Hello, My Name is Eric D. Boyd

My name is Eric D Boyd. I am a technology enthusiast and practitioner with expertise in Microsoft technologies and tools starting with ASP Classic 1.0 and VB 5 to the current .NET Framework, C#, W* Foundations and Azure. I started in IT 15 years ago and have learned a lot from the experiences of my journey. I have also had a ton of fun and have really enjoyed my work.

The other facet of my career that I thoroughly enjoy is “the startup”. I love entrepreneurship and business startups, especially when it’s a tech startup. I kicked off my technology career by starting a web design firm. This was a great way to get exposure to a number of diverse business models and assist with their marketing efforts.

During this time, the dotcom boom of the late 90’s was developing and I was recruited to work for a transportation-related dotcom startup. This was one of the pinnacle times of my career. We assembled an amazing, passionate, unique team of leadership, IT professionals, software developers, designers, customer service reps and sales reps. We worked round the clock together, played video games together, consumed loads of pizza and caffeinated beverages together and in the end we produced a killer dotcom property. Unfortunately, the dotcom boom became the dotcom bubble and the bubble burst.

Immediately after the transportation dotcom, I started a tech company with another exciting team of individuals. Our company produced business and developer focused software and provided software development consulting services. This team of talented developers, designers and business professionals worked together for 5 years and had lots of exciting times. We not only worked together but we spent a lot of time hanging out away from the office. We had lots of all-nighter client projects and all-nighter Halo parties too. BTW – I have lots of room for improvement with Halo.

And then, after that exciting ride, I circled back to transportation again. I became the Senior Director of IT for a company that transports heavy-duty trucks across all of North America and was responsible for IT and the software development efforts that facilitated operations and drove innovation for the organization.

After all of that adventure, I recently joined the amazing team at the Centare Group and have jumped back into the world of technology consulting.

I am originally from Southwest Missouri which is where I spent most of my life. However, a few years ago, my wife Shelly and I moved to the Chicago-Milwaukee Megalopolis. And we truly love both Chicago and Milwaukee and have a great deal of fun living here. The city of Chicago is beautiful with great culture and Summerfest in Milwaukee, the world’s largest music festival, is tough to beat. We have a one year old son named Jaxon who has greatly enriched my life and given me a new happiness that I didn’t even know was possible.

So that is a little summary of my history and background. My intent here is to share information about emerging technologies, noteworthy startups, and helpful advice from my experiences and endeavors. I hope this is a place for you to provide feedback and enables dialog with the community too.