Storing and Access Data in Windows Azure

If you are currently developing web or mobile apps, you have likely spent a significant amount time planning where and how to store and access your data. You probably want your data to be highly available, scalable, easy to manage and access, and I’m guessing you wouldn’t mind if it were affordable too.

If you’re considering or interested in using the cloud as a potential solution, I can show you how to easily get started and how to get rewarded for doing so.

eSeminar has put together a number of resources that will help you get started storing and accessing your data in the cloud in no time—and they’ll reward you every step of the way.

I had the privilege of working with CodeGuru to create an eSeminar that walks through using Windows Azure SQL Database. In the eSeminar I walk through how to get started with Windows Azure SQL Database by creating a database, setting up the schema and populating it with data. I then show you how to build an OData service that connects back to your SQL Database. And lastly, I walk you through how to setup a simple website that pulls in data from your SQL Database and displays it in an ASP.NET MVC Web App.
You can watch the eSeminar video here at CodeGuru.

Step-by-Step Articles

If you’d like to follow a written guide, in addition to watching the video, I’ve written the following two articles for CodeGuru detailing the process and steps that I walk through in the eSeminar.

The first article will outline the steps to store your data in Windows Azure.
Click here to read the Storing Data in the Cloud article.

The second will show you how to access your data with an OData service and a simple ASP.NET MVC web site.
Click here to read the Accessing Cloud Data using an OData Web Service article.

Activities and Prizes

Upon completion of this tutorial (and successfully storing and accessing your data in the cloud) you will have completed Activity 1 and 2 and you are eligible to pick up some pretty cool prizes.
See Activity 2 and the prizes you can win here.

In Activity 3 you will be taking your new knowledge of the cloud and data services to build a database in Windows Azure along with an OData service and a website to display your data. You will be following the same guidelines you learned in Activity 1 and Activity 2, only this time YOU will be create creative and unique data set. After you have completed Activity 3 you will be entered to win one of several gift cards.
See Activity 3 and the prizes you can win here.

Now it’s time to do something big—bring your new skills together and find out how useful the cloud can really be! In Activity 4 you will be creating your own project that uses Windows Azure to store data, utilizes a service to pull that data down and then displays that data in an app. The project can be anything you like but you need to make it useful—more than just storing data; find a way to actually use the data! Upon completion of the 4th and final Activity you will be entered to win one of two Windows 8 Tablets!
See Activity 4 and the prizes you can win here.

After you have finished these activities you will understand how to easily and effectively store your data in the cloud and with any luck you’ll have some sweet prizes to go along with your new knowledge.

Along with the prizes mentioned above, everyone who completes an Activity will have access to use CodeGuru badges showing off their new Cloud knowledge and skills.
You can review all of the awesome prizes here.

Roundtable Discussion

Still not convinced that the cloud and Windows Azure is the right fit for your applications? Check out the following Video Roundtable where other cloud experts and myself discuss advantages to using Windows Azure and discover if the cloud is right for you.
Check out the Video Roundtable here.