Windows Azure Resources for Developers

This is a list of helpful resources for developers building on Windows Azure. If you know of other helpful resources, please comment to let me know and I will add them to the list.

Setup a Windows Azure Development Environment

Windows Azure SDK and Tools
To get started developing applications for Windows Azure, you need the Windows Azure SDK and Tools. The SDK includes an emulator for Windows Azure compute and storage. This will enable you to develop on your machine without having to deploy to the cloud. This capability reduces your development time and cost associated with deploying to Windows Azure for development.

Get Windows Azure

To deploy your application to Windows Azure, you will need a Windows Azure account. There are a couple of ways to get development time and resources for Windows Azure.

MSDN Windows Azure Benefits
If you are an MSDN subscriber, you can get up to $3,700 a year in free Windows Azure resources.

FREE 90-day Windows Azure Trial
If you don’t have an MSDN subscription, you can get a free 90-day trial of Windows Azure.

Learn Windows Azure

Learn Windows Azure
Microsoft’s Scott Guthrie, led a one-day “Learn Windows Azure” event in December and the recordings are all available on Channel9.

Windows Azure Training Kit
The Windows Azure Training Kit is loaded with helpful presentations, demos and hands-on
labs for working with Windows Azure.

Guidance and Code Samples

Microsoft’s patterns & practices group has created some great books that walk through real world development scenarios that use Windows Azure. You can read them for free in your browser and can download the code and hands-on-labs that go along with the books.

Moving Applications to the Cloud
Moving Applications to the Cloud guides you through the steps to migrate an existing web application that runs on-premise using Windows Server, SQL Server and Active Directory to Windows Azure.

Developing Applications for the Cloud
Developing Applications for the Cloud guides you through creating a brand new application and making use of the Windows Azure services.

A Guide to Claims-Based Identity and Access Control
A Guide to Claims-Based Identity and Access Control walks through handling identity and authentication in order to federate identity across systems and into the cloud.

Windows Phone 7 Developer Guide
Windows Phone 7 Developer Guide guides you through building a mobile application for the Windows Phone that utilizes Windows Azure for back-end services.

Libraries and Toolkits

The Windows Azure Toolkits for Mobile Devices makes it easier to quickly build mobile applications with Windows Azure services for notification, storage, authentication and more.
Windows Azure Toolkit for iOS
Windows Azure Toolkit for Android
Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone
Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8

Windows Phone SDK

Windows Azure Toolkit for Social Games
The Windows Azure Toolkit for Social Games is a set of guidance, samples, and tools that helps developers quickly get started building a casual or social game on Windows Azure.

Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0 Integration Pack for Windows Azure
Microsoft Enterprise Library is a collection of reusable application blocks that address common cross-cutting concerns in enterprise software development. The Microsoft Enterprise Library Integration Pack for Windows Azure is an extension to Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0 that can be used with the Windows Azure technology platform.

Additional Tools

SQL Azure Migration Wizard
This is an open source tool on CodePlex that helps you migrate SQL Server databases to SQL Azure.

Windows Azure PowerShell Cmdlets
The Windows Azure PowerShell Cmdlets enable you to browse, configure, and manage Windows Azure Compute and Storage services directly from PowerShell.

Red Gate Azure Development Tools
Red Gate creates multiple products that work with Windows Azure and simplifies some aspects of Windows Azure, including Cloud Storage Studio, Azure Diagnostics Manager and SQL Azure Backup.

Shows, Podcasts and Other Web Sites

Cloud Cover
Cloud Cover is your eye on the Microsoft Cloud. Join Wade and Steve as they cover the Windows Azure platform, digging into features, discussing the latest news and announcements, and sharing tips and tricks.